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The App In Action

See how other golfer use the app to help them improve there swing


  • Can this app really help me improve my handicap?

    Yes, most definitely, as long as you put in the work to improve your identified faults you can expect to become a better golfer. Many people find that just seeing their faults on video is very helpful but being able to compare their action to a legend like Lee is highly instructive.

  • I can see my faults but I still struggle to get my technique right - what should I do?

    Sometimes bad habits are hard to throw off. You can take (or email) your app video to a local PGA coach and show them your problem. They will have the training techniques to get you going. Watch out for updates coming soon on the app to help you find a coach.

  • How can Lee appear playing next to me?

    Lee appears like a hologram, thanks to a brand new technology from a company called 2Mee. The Lee Westwood Masterclass is the first of many new apps that will bring superstars into your life.

  • Where can I download the app?
  • Can I import saved swings into the app?

    At the moment you cannot import already saved swings into the app but we are working on making this possible in the future.

  • Does the app require Facebook to login?

    The app does not require Facebook, you can create an account manually by inputting your details and golfing statistics.

  • Does the app work for both left and right handed golfers?

    Yes, the app works for both left and right handed golfers. Also from all angles.

  • How do I get videos from my device to my computer?

    You can do this by sharing a video once you have taken it. When you have saved your video to the gallery click on the share button on the top right of the screen. This can also be done for snapshots.

  • How many Swings can I save?

    You can save as many as your phones memory will hold, each video is around 7MB.

  • I cant hear any of the voice tutorials?

    Please make sure your device is not muted, flick the switch on the side of your device.

  • My phone wont go past the landscape page?

    Please check your device does not have the orientation lock switched on in its settings.

  • My screen froze on the speech of Lee and would not go past this speech?

    Please ensure your device is unmuted when trying to watch the first speech as this does not play when the phone is muted.

  • The coach videos will not play or buffer while playing?

    This is usually due to internet connectivity, try disconnecting your device from the internet and reconnecting. If this does not work please try getting stronger internet connection.

  • What devices does the app work on?

    The app works on iOS devices from iPhone 5 and up